Personal Wardrobe Mentoring & Therapy session- Virtual

1.5HR wardrobe consulation & mentoring with Ashley Eady

About this experience

In this time of stillness we currently find ourselves in, it is a great opportunity to tune into ourselves and reflect. Finding a good balance in all aspects of our lives is a healthy and important practice. Be it whether it's your physical or emotional self and finding your centre. Our wardrobe, believe it or not, plays a roll in this as well. It is fascinating how much even the simplest, insignificant thing, such as the clothes we wear can hold. The way we dress has the power to change the way we view ourselves and the way we feel throughout our day. Our wardrobes can even weigh us down, when we hold onto items that don't serve us anymore. During this 1.5 hr session, I will provide you with valuable skills to improve your overall relationship with your collection. Together we will take a close look at your wardrobe and I will provide my professional assistance, tailored to your needs. We will discover which cuts are best suited to you. I can also help you decide which items to let go of and which to keep. We will take all the necessary steps to obtaining your dream wardrobe and no doubt have fun along the way! I can remember countless times I've seen my customers face light up after a fitting and that is worth every moment I've dedicated to this practice. So let's have a tea or coffee and get started!  :)

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Ashley Eady is Head designer and owner of Teeny Weeny Bikini co. Established in 2005. Eady studied Fashion and Design in Toronto and continued on afterwards working in the field.