Yoga, Upper body flow- Magda Tarko

Yoga, Upper body flow- Magda Tarko

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Upper Body Flow-
Saturday, 10:30-11:30, Please come to class a little earlier to sign in and make your way to the mat.

Class outline-
Ayurvedic Yoga class focused on Air element. 
Vyana (omnidirectional flow of energy) based class that is light and dynamic.
This practise is very oriented in building length and strength of the spine and improve shoulder mobility.
You will leave the class feeling uplifted.

Both classes are ideal for improving flexibility, reducing injury, alleviating back and neck pain and contributing to core strength.
Refunds for classes- Due to the very limited class sizes, we we will only refund classes within 24hours of the class booked. Please be sure to contact us immediately so we may have the opportunity to allow another student to practice with us. If contacted after the 24hour mark, you will not be refunded.
If you don't have a mat we have some in the studio.
Teacher- Magda Tarko

Magdalena is a charismatic Ayurvedic Yoga teacher.  She feels deeply connected to nature through its elements and energy, and is committed to using these connections to share her discoveries with others.  Magda is passionate about cooking, and through an Ayurvedic lens she views food as medicine.  Her happy place is on the yoga mat and in the kitchen.  In her Yoga practise Magda combines breathing exercises, marma activations and elemental balance through her committed yoga studies.  Her focus is to help one align with their true self through nutrition, movement and meditation tools.  Magda enjoys living off grid in Orrville, with her husband, two teenagers, two border Collies, and myriad of other creatures, both wild and domesticated.

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